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The History of Christmas Trees


Many people celebrate the holiday, but few know the history of why people have Christmas trees as part of the décor. Having trees as part of Christmas did not begin as an American custom. The practice of setting up a Christmas tree first began as early as the 1500s as a German custom but the idea wasn’t widely accepted in the beginning. Many areas of Germany didn’t start celebrating the Christmas holidays with a tree until the […]

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Do You Use a Christmas Angel to Top Your Tree?

Christmas tree topper

Once your tree is decorated, you’re faced with the task of crowning the tree. Some people top a Christmas tree with large bows and let the strands hang down the sides of the trees. Others place a glittery gold or silver top as the tree’s finishing touch, but one of the most selected choices to top off the Christmas tree is the Christmas angel. The true meaning behind the use of Christmas angels as toppers vary, with […]

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Christmas Storage Ideas for Your Tree, Ornaments and Decorations

decor care

Christmas is a time of wonderful celebrations. Once it’s over, you’re left to deal with the chore of taking down the tree, packing away the ornaments and storing away the decorations. You want your decorations to be in tiptop shape for the next Christmas, so how you store your cherished items is important. There is a right and a wrong way to put away the stuff, but by adhering to the following rules, you can make sure […]

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Artificial Christmas Trees Versus Real Christmas Trees

Christmas tree

The excitement of Christmas takes off on a whole new level when it’s time to set up the Christmas tree. But before you set it up, you have to pick whether or not you’re planning to have an artificial Christmas tree or a real one. There are pros and cons to either choice so just weigh which one would be best for you. With artificial trees, you don’t have to worry about the needles drying out. The […]

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Hot Christmas Toys for 2012

suggested gift

If you’re still pondering what you can get your kids or young relatives for Christmas, this handy checklist can make your shopping experience a whole lot easier. You need to discover what the hot Christmas toys for 2012 are so that you don’t see disappointment in their eyes when they unwrap their presents. For one young age group on your shopping list – kids that are six and younger – you can’t go wrong buying the furry […]

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Christmas Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

Christmas crafts for kids

Kids love everything about Christmas except waiting for the day to get here. With them taking a break from school, you’ll often hear cries of, “I don’t have anything to do.” You can keep them busy this holiday season with Christmas crafts that are easy and fun for the little ones to make. Christmas Placemat Craft: Using recycled Christmas cards, tear off the backs where the writing is. You’ll need about three regular sized Christmas cards to […]

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A Guide to Christmas Party Games

Christmas party game

Have you decided to have a party to celebrate the holidays this year? Then you could benefit from this handy Christmas party game guide. There are games specifically so that children can have a grand time at parties and games where adults can enjoy themselves, too. Here are some game suggestions that are always crowd-pleasing: Speedy Unwrapper: Take a series of boxes, small, medium and large. Wrap the smallest box the way you would wrap a regular […]

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Top Christmas Gifts for 2014


There aren’t many shopping days left to buy gifts for all of your loved ones and sometimes shopping can be quite a chore if you don’t have any ideas what to get. There are some top  for 2014 that are in demand, which can take the headache out of picking out just the right gift for any age group. It’s amazing just how much technology grows and changes from one year to the next. Video games never […]

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Tips on How to Wrap the Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas wrapping

Not everyone knows how to wrap the perfect Christmas present. Some of the presents you see on display in stores look like they were wrapped by someone with decades of experience, while other presents look like they were wrapped by an octopus wearing oven mitts. Why do your gift wrapping skills leave you feeling frustrated to the point you’re ready to just shove every gift in a bag and pronounce it finished? Is there an easy way […]

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Store Bought Christmas Cards Versus Personalized Picture Cards

homemade Christmas card

There’s nothing wrong with going to the store this holiday season and buying a box of Christmas cards if that’s all that you have the time to do. It’s better to send out store bought cards than to not send out any greeting cards at all. Why send out cards? Sending out a card can be a way of showing someone that you were thinking about them if they’re family or friends. Mailing out a Christmas card […]

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