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What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About You

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Your favorite Christmas song speaks volumes about who you are – what kind of personality you exhibit. Whether you’re an aggressive, take charge person or a sit on the side lines and follow type, the music you listen to can give a peek into the kinds of attitudes and beliefs you have. Different dimensions go into making us who we are as people. Psychologists have studied human behavior for years through research groups, quizzes, and surveys. They’ve […]

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Classic Christmas Songs From Your Childhood

Christmas songs for kids

Remember back to your Christmases of yesterday when you were a child? How excited you were as you counted down the days until Santa arrived? You probably remember the sights of the twinkling lights, the wonderful scents as the food cooked, the merry sound of laughter as family celebrated together and the classic Christmas songs that created a soothing and cozy holiday environment. Hearing those old tunes from days gone by can sure trigger a trip down […]

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Christmas MP3 Songs Keep Your Spirits Lifted All Day

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Christmas is one of your favorite holidays and you love everything about the season. You can’t wait until the stores are piping in their jolly Christmas tunes and love to hear the music playing in your home, in your car and at work, which is why many people now fill up their portable music players with Christmas MP3 songs. As you move about your house, you can’t take your stereo from room to room. The songs you […]

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A Christmas Holiday Isn’t Complete Without Carols


One of the many Christmas traditions people celebrate is caroling. One account of this tradition is said to stem back to centuries ago when people would gather and sing in a religious gathering. Others say the history of caroling has nothing to do with religion and is instead given the outdated term of wassailing. No one knows with one hundred percent certainty. But both sides agree it did involve a group of people known as carolers. Legend […]

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