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Understanding Your Heart


We often take the most important muscle in our body completely for granted.  There’s only one muscle in our body that never stops to rest.  Your heart is an amazing pump that circulates blood throughout your body nonstop.  Your heart is made of special muscle called cardiac muscle.  This amazing muscle will astound you!  It not only has the ability to work overtime, it also has its own beat.  If you separate one muscle cell from your […]

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Talking to Your Doctor About Heart Disease

heart problem

One of the most important things you can do to take care of your health is to learn to speak with your healthcare provider about your concerns.  Many people go to the doctor and become intimidated by the person who’s examining them.  Instead of asking the right questions, some patients simply hope that the doctor explains what they need to know. In today’s world of HMOs, doctors have more patients than ever and less time to spend […]

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How Heart Disease and Stroke Are Related

stroke and heart disease

We often hear heart disease and stroke mentioned in the same sentence.  However, it’s not always clear how these two conditions are related.  It may help to understand exactly what a stroke is to understand the relationship.  A stroke is often referred to as a brain attack because it is just as severe and life threatening as a heart attack. This is most often caused by blockage of a blood vessel in the brain that causes blood […]

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Heart Failure Facts

heart failure

When you hear the term “heart failure” you may think that the heart is going to stop at any moment.  Heart failure actually means that your heart isn’t pumping blood either because it isn’t properly filling with blood and/or it doesn’t have enough force to pump blood out of the heart entirely.  Unlike a heart attack, heart failure doesn’t come on suddenly.  It’s the result of a long period of time when the heart gradually weakens.  It […]

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Heart Disease In Children

heart diseases in children

We typically think of heart disease as an adult problem, but there are children who suffer from heart disease as well.  Most of the time this has little to do with lifestyle and more to do with congenital defects.  These are heart problems that the child is born with.  There are also acquired heart diseases that a child contracts after birth.  Examples of congenital defects include defects in the heart valves, heart murmurs, and atrial septal defects […]

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Common Causes of Heart Disease

heart diseases

People are often concerned about heart disease, but many people are unaware of the actual causes of heart disease.  There are several major reasons why someone would develop a heart condition.  Heart disease is the number one killer of people, so it’s important to know the facts about it.  Genetics play a main role in the development of heart disease.  It’s an unfair fact of life that some people eat what they want, smoke, and even avoid […]

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